What We Do

StoryScape is a new literacy platform for the digital age that is being developed by the Affective Computing Group in the MIT Media Lab. The goal of the project is to create an inclusive creative learning platform that allows users to create stories in order to facilitate constructionist participatory learning.

StoryScape grew out of years of research from the Affective Computing Group to design cutting edge technologies to assist those diagnosed with autism. Though StoryScape was initially developed to support the unique learning needs of children diagnosed with autism, it has grown to encompass everyone who wants to explore the magic of stories.

You can join us and be a part of it all. Whether you want to read stories, write stories, make artwork, or do it all, StoryScape allows you to explore the power of story.

Who We Are

Micah Eckhardt

Micah is a Ph.D. student at the MIT Media Lab and member of the Affective Computing Group. A background in computational cognitive science and computer science has allowed Micah to create unique technologies for helping people learn. Micah's research has ranged from the development and application of machine vision and robotics for helping toddlers learn language, to digital-tangible puzzle games for teaching facial expressions to children diagnosed with autism.

Craig Ferguson

Hailing from Caltech where he received his Masters degree, Craig has degrees in both Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. Before joining the StoryScape team, he worked at several software startups that have focused on creating fun and engaging experiences for children of all ages. Craig specializes in creating rich and fun experiences using the latest technologies both on the web and in the StoryScape Reader app for Android.

Professor Rosalind Picard

Professor Picard holds her Sc.D in electrical engineering from the MIT, and is credited with starting a branch of computer science known as affective computing. Professor Picard is founder and director of the Affective Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab. Known internationally for her research and innovation, Professor Picard has also established herself as a leader in the autism technology field. Professor Picard and the Affective Computing Group continue to push the boundaries of affective computing, assistive technologies, and learning technologies.